Lighthouse Training: Spreading Knowledge Far And Wide

In the present world, people are clenched in a competitive environment. And to stay a step ahead of the pack, everyone is set to rub up or add in their skills to enter the picture and become evident as well. Analysing the set of circumstances, Mehernosh Bazun Dittia stepped in to succour the inquisitive minds, helping them to refine and give a facelift to their overall persona. He resolute to render the guidance to perfection through his establishment, Light Training an HR and Training consulting firm which focuses on ameliorating behaviour and enhancing the skill sets which is capable of meeting the need of learners and organizations at one and the same time.

The Beginning

Meher has been a part of the Learning & Development, HR and Training industry for more than a decade. His fair and square cognition about the domains and sincerity at work earned him acute credibility which to a great extend supported his transformation from a corporate employee to an entrepreneur. He apprehended that different people from different sector required discrete priming and guidance. So he decided to render all types of coaching, counting the needs and requirement. He started off Lighthouse Training in 2012 and ever since then it has been framing programmes for people development interventions that not only radiates skill and self bettering and edification aspect but emanates motivational, fun and introspecting strands. The best thing about this learning and development firm is that all the series of actions are planned with acute passion, genuineness & personal care. It administers seven different coaching schemes that can be catalogued as Experimental Learning, Health sector, education Institution, Induction & OnBoarding, Customer Centric & Corporate programmes, and effective Coach & Feedback. In all these solutions Lighthouse Training intends to incorporate the best strategies and engage the learners in reallife activities that will help them build relationships, ameliorate knowledge, skills, and values."Being associated with numerous
organizations and having trained a number of people, I seize hold of the current scenario of the Learning and Development ecosystem. Identifying the need of the people I have constituted Lighthouse Training where I take the responsibility of helping the people developing and polishing their skills and talents," he adds.
Mehernosh Bazun Dittia, Founder & Director
To ensure topnotch services, the company has hired the most proficient and eminently experienced team. It is they, who fabricate solutions best suiting the requirement of the clients which can be belong to the educational or corporate ecosystem. The company also focuses on assisting the development of leadership, team building & management, change management and others. One major attribute of Lighthouse Training is it puts forward technologically equipped pilot training. To which he adds,"Since inception have added a lot of things on our platform. One of the major insertions was the drone pilot training. We have worked with a number of postgraduate colleges where we have prepared a number of students for placements."

Lighthouse Training endeavours to enable individual to wend their way with a smile on their face and their head held high

The Way Ahead

Considering the kind of success it has seen in the recent years, Lighthouse intends to ameliorate itself in every aspect and reach new heights. It aims to expand itself to every nook and corner of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and others states. As he explains, "People development skills have not received much attention. One of reason being that no has tried bringing it to the level of acceptance. So we are planning to take this concept to the smaller towns which will give enthusiasts the scope of sprucing up themselves." To put it in simple words, through Lighthouse Training, Meher endeavours to enable individual to wend their way with a smile on their face and their head held high.