Pioneer Food Solutions: Empowering Food & Beverages Companies through Unique Tech-Strategies

Phani Prakash,Founder & Director

Phani Prakash

Founder & Director

Just as society has evolved over time, our food system has also evolved over centuries into a global system of immense size and complexity. The commitment of food science and technology professionals to advance in the science of food, ensure safe & abundant food supply, and contribute to the health of people is integral to that evolution. Manifesting deep expertise in this very forte is Pioneer Food Solutions(PFS), a 2013 established company that provides unmatched Food Science & Technology services and consultancy.

Offering tailor-made solutions including anything from science & engineering to application development, knowledge management and business process management, the firm helps its clients to make informed decisions about the quality & safety of the food products they offer to the end-consumers. “Our services make a unique blend of chemistry, economics, engineering, marketing, and biology. Using this combination, we enable our clients to create and execute strategies for their Food Science & Technology transformation,” states Phani Prakash, Founder & Director, Pioneer Food Solutions.

The Differential Factor
This Hyderabad-based firm offers an array of services including Concept to Customer Food Business Solutions, Food Regulatory
Compliance Management, Food Safety Training, Food Safety Management Systems and Food Testing to name a few. It caters to the Food Value Chain including AgriFarms, AgriProduce Packing & Storage providers, Food Research providers and appreciably more. Apart from that, the firm offers strong support for the traditional trade system.

Our services make a unique blend of chemistry, economics engineering, marketing and biology. Using this combination, we enable clients to create and execute strategies for their Food Science & Technology transformation

Unlike the dynamic modern trade system, the traditional system has remained the same. As a result, there has been stagnation in the general trade network of India. Today, the manufacturers and distributors are struggling to keep pace with the fast-changing consumer demands. PFS aims to enhance traditional trade through its solutions and help small scale players to stay updated with the industry trends. Be it contract manufacturing facilities evaluation, setting-up new facility(or R&D)as per DPR or assistance on subsidy schemes, or DSIR scheme assistance, PFS has a sound answer to the farmers’ discrete problems. It even holds an amazing achievement of setting up a food lab (chemical testing lab & microbiology) within 200 square feet area, which is nearly an impossible thing to do. On the other hand, PFS’ quality assurance services help ensure the best quality of the food, providing ISO 22000 certification to the clients. The firm also conducts food audits and provides detailed reports.

Being Futuristic
Today, being one of the prominent players in the Food Science industry, PFS places a lot of emphasis on technology and leverages the best of it to get the desired results. To ensure supplychain visibility and improve quality control, the firm uses Blockchain technology. It is also adopting IoT and AI, projected towards deep learning process for food safety testing.

With such dedicated services, PFS over the years has bagged 250+ clients, including Hetero Healthcare, Almond House, and Revelations Biotech to name a few. Moreover, citing 15 percent revenue growth annually, the company aims to establish itself throughout the country, building the best solutions for the farmers, and thus helping them generate more revenue. For this matter, it plans to conduct Rural Tourism Programs to encompass attractions towards the authentic food.