Planedge Consultants: Delivering High-head Construction Projects via Value Engineering, Management & System

B.P.Bhise, CEO & Director,Nilesh Laddad, Managing Director

B.P.Bhise, CEO & Director

Nilesh Laddad, Managing Director

Value engineering, a methodology devised by Lawrence Mills during World War II, evolved as a powerful problem-solving tool for reducing construction costs while maintaining performance and quality requirements. While it improves decision making at the inception stage, the success of value engineering lies in its ability to identify opportunities to eradicate unnecessary costs that lead to optimal expenditure of owner funds. Neha Laddad, Director HR, Planedge Consultants adds, “Since a lot of input goes during the drawing design and construction stage, we at Planedge deploy value engineering modus operandi right from design level to execution level that helps our clients not just to save money but also recover the capital invested in us over the project cycle period”. Ensconced in 2005, Planedge Consultants have carved a niche in construction engineering industry through its end-to-end solutions. Creating a legacy of engineering marvels, the company has delivered 5000 homes and 80+ projects till date that values Rs.2350 crore, constructed over a total area of 1.2 crore sq. ft. For the next big marvel, the company is in process of drop-shipping 2.76 crore sq.ft of projects valued close to Rs.6000 crore.
Value Engineering to Value Servicing
Planedge infamously calls its nine service lines (Project Conceptual Development, Project Design Management, Project Cost & Quantity Estimation, Pre-Project Planning, Tendering, Billing & Contract Management, Construction Management, Quality Controls & Implementation, Project Time Management and MIS Reporting & Project Documentation) as Navratna, as they are the real jewels that allows the company to create projects that are sustainable at an optimized cost. What binds this chain of services is its TCQ principle - In-Time, Cost oriented and Quality delivery of projects, thus proving Planedge’s expertise and getting the company recurring business with never-ending work engagements. Besides, it leverages AluForms Shuttering and Machine Plaster Technology to help edifice robust buildings while saving cost, time and improving quality of construction.

This ISO 9000:2015 company delivers each project with utmost transparency, integrity and transfers each penny saved to the clients, hence deploying uncompromising value system

This ISO 9000:2015 company delivers each project with utmost transparency, integrity and transfers each penny saved to the clients, hence deploying uncompromising value system. Where many builders struggle hiring law based agency for contractual process, Planedge
handholds its clients in the entire tendering and contract award process, resulting in high efficiency ratio without any legal dispute. Employing keen insights at every stage, the company aligns contractor’s service with customer’s demand, excels in material procurement and masters the job of convening the customer, client, consultant and contractor on the same page.

Plan of Action
For its team made up of mixture of energy, dedication, integrity and hard work with excellence in project management, Planedge conducts a 36-hours training program focused on continuous betterment of every employee. Further, the entire team is given an opportunity to brainstorm innovative ideas during an annual two-day R&D meet. “Out of 25 suggestions that come up, three suggestions are implemented after a five-step scanning process, a strategy in action since 5 years,” exclaims Neha.

Headquartered in Pune with offices across Mumbai, Nagpur,Nasik, Tirora and Devri,Planedge owns a prestigious clientele base including BMW, DMart, Welworth Realty, Hilton, Kohinoor, and Lotus Group, to name a few,and calculates 20 percent annual revenue growth consistently. With the PAN India expansion plan in pipeline, the company envisages growing in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities citing the lack of technical knowledge in these cities that often delays possession commitments. “We are also looking to enter Low Cost Housing Project Management domain to help builders deliver low cost projects in-time, in-cost and in good quality,” concludes Neha.