Raje Project Management Consultants: Converting its Experience into Success of Challenging Projects

Structuring a new facility, especially in a country like India, is often akin to solving a puzzle. Multifarious challenges meeting every project, it takes immense know how and experience to foresee sophisticated challenges and safeguard projects. According to a recent study that analyzed 1,471 projects suggests that one in six projects costs an average budget overrun of 200 percent and a schedule overrun of almost 70 percent. This proposition in fact explains the high-demand of experienced contenders in Project Management Consulting (PMC) industry such as Raje Project Management Consultants. – a leading name in Project Management Consultancy for civil engineering projects across India and even abroad. Having executed more than 1 Crore Square Feet cutting-edge projects including rehabilitation of old buildings, RPMC over the years has gained valuable insights and developed noteworthy technical skills, which today help the company in performing better risk assessment and in turn constantly deliver quality outcomes by recognizing the possible obstacles.

It’s All about Delivering Value

Unlike many other established PMCs, though having standard procedures back-lifted by its experience, Raje Project Management Consultants never shies away from avoiding bureaucracies & not following its legacy procedures if it consumes extra-time, and thus facilitates a faster & better delivery. Indeed, being highly focused on timely delivery and customer centricity, it ascertains Integrated Project Delivery, which ensures a single point of contact consisting of its top management professionals and compliant with every customer-need en route.
Dr.H.M.Raje & Varun H Raje,,Directors

Raje Project Management Consultants never shies away from avoiding bureaucracies & not following its legacy procedures if it consumes extra-time, and thus facilitates a faster & better delivery

“Believing in the lean model of construction, we incessantly enhance our construction processes by considering customer needs. Having a dedicated quality management team in place, we also focus on total quality management,” asserts Varun H. Raje, Director, Raje Project Management Consultants who has been primarily responsible for rearing the company to strength. Above all, the company accommodates 60 handpicked talents who are highly knowledgeable (through cutting edge training) and possess honesty & integrity, and thus ensuring transparency. It also performs frequent checks and controls on them. As a result, this Integrated-projects deliverer today ceaselessly challenges itself in delivering quality projects with extreme value engineering and within time & budget stipulations.
Challenging the Challenges

While manifesting end-to-end project management solutions right from conceptualization to handing over a plug & play facility, Raje Project Management Consultants is well acquainted with the fact that every customer will not require the full stretch, which in fact has driven the company to become an impeccable customizer of its offerings. Besides rendering any service ranging from Cost Management to Specific Construction Management, Quality & Safety Audits, Pre-execution Services (like contract administration & assigning), Technical Due Diligence, Financial Advisory and much more, it on-boards unconventional & challenging projects and specializes in repairs and rehabilitations, perceiving an opportunity in each one of them to update and strengthen itself.

From completing many half-done projects under unfavorable environments, Raje Consultants has a history of even post-fire strengthening and adding new floors for a government building in Mumbai; not to mention several projects for many corporate houses, celebrities, media companies, industrialists etc. in working hours, which required extreme precautions. In addition, the company recently delivered a mega-structure hotel project in the heart of Mumbai for Rajesh Builders.

More in the Pipeline

Going forward, the company is all set to facilitate its clients with a VR based project-status overview, in addition to presenting them a unique platform, which will act as GPS of its ongoing projects. Currently focused on Gujarat, Pune and Nepal, Raje Consultants has made blueprints to setup offices in all four zones of India, alongside pressing its footprint in Nepal.