Salt & Pepper: The Spice behind the Success of Every Desiring F&B Entrepreneur

Misha Pamnany,Proprietor

Misha Pamnany


When in 2014 the Indian government solemnized its dream of making India a global manufacturing hub, it launched the ‘Make in India’ initiative under which this vision would thrive. This lead to a power-packed upsurge in the number of startups and business entrepreneurs rising in the country, with the F&B segment scaling atop amongst others. Despite carving a niche much earlier as one among the first to recognize this vast opportunity, Misha Pamnany’s (Founder & Proprietor, Salt & Pepper) dream streamlines with the nation’s ‘Make in India’ vision. As the owner of a thick portfolio of experiences & services in the F&B industry (Opus, Shiro Beach, & JSM Corp), she envisioned carrying forward a distinct trend to stay within the industry this time offering turnkey set-ups based on the need for experienced consultants to guide desiring & upcoming entrepreneurs in the F&B industry. Salt & Pepper(S&P) thus incepted as a result in 2008 as one of the first F&B consulting companies specializing in revolutionizing operations in the aforementioned segment.

Encompassing an all-embracing dexterity in handling every aspect of the F&B industry right from menu set-up and layout, food production, cost management, training
modules, vendor management and more, S&P undoubtedly amalgamates an eclectic mix of experiences & panache, technical know how & cost management delivering precision & excellence in every undertaking. Illuminating the success of its presence for over a decade, Misha states, “We have achieved vertical integration across processes and analytics that helped us create comprehensive and holistic views of businesses, and this in turn has strategically allowed us to plan, setup and recommend operational strategies across the board. S&P was one of the first F&B consultants in Bangalore and has also grown into process and profitability audits and finally management partnerships of existing setups.”

We’re a one-stop think tank with a client first perspective that is built on trust and commitment

Solutions That Fit like a Glove
S&Ps secret to success radiates the strength of its partnership with Aheli Chakravorty (Partner) whose work experience with top brands across India adds just what’s needed to take it to the next level. Its services penetrate the spices of reputed clientele viz., Toit, Zero 40, Aurum Brew Works and Jayamahal Palace Hotel, and it’s goal of delivering diversity every time has lead it to develop strong intuition towards client needs along with an innate sense of hospitality. Misha says, “Our team has a solid background in core operations, property management, finance management and all backend processes pertaining to the industry. Thus we are a one-stop-think tank with a client first perspective that is built on trust and commitment.”

S&P further masters the art of customization by offering clients a scope of work that fits like a glove by tapping both spoken and underlying requirements. Marking a competitive edge by accomplishing time lined projects, following a transparent work ethic guide and maintaining competitive pricing, the company is a definite game-changer promoting healthy competition within the F&B industry.

Lastly, the much assuring services of S&P can’t be limited to one area and thus holds branches in Hyderabad, Pune & Goa. Moreover citing its 100 percent revenue growth annually, the company aims to carry forward the same in the coming decade as well churning out nascents that would reform the country’s F&B segments.