Shree Designs: Proffering Nonpareil Architectural Designs to Create Aesthetic & Affordable Healing Environment

Kshititi Nagarkar,Principal Architect

Kshititi Nagarkar

Principal Architect

Despite the Hippocratic Oath ‘first, do no harm’, copious amount of patients suffer affliction because of compromising healthcare facilities including misdiagnosis, medical errors and hospital acquired infections. According to the World Health Organization, each year millions of patients pick up an infection while they’re in the hospital, and thousands die. On the flip side, India’s healthcare system has improved drastically in recent times and currently ranks 112 out of 190 countries, which reflects our increased awareness for healthcare architecture and implementation of technological inventions. Though many providers promise to deliver sky-high architecture designs for hospitals, only few architects like Kshititi Nagarkar (Principal Architect, Shree Designs) honour this vow. Based on the philosophy of ‘patient-centered care’, the firm designs aesthetic and affordable solutions that help the clients improve communal health. “The complete journey of patient is mapped and every touch point is fed as a design input which runs parallel to the requirements of all caregivers. The result is a cohesive facility which delivers a healing environment in line with our unique proposition - creating
healing environments,” adds Kshititi, who has over 15 years of experience in healthcare industry.

Since its inception in 2009 in Mumbai, Shree Designs has successfully completed 20 projects in various footprints, where in it encourages client’s involvement in design process and proffers objective-oriented solutions by employing optimal products & services from contractors, vendors & consultants that results in peak performance, energy efficiency and user satisfaction as per projectile needs. Never the less, the firm allocates individual resources to drop-ship personalized attention for each project while maintaining balance between functional requirements and aesthetic form.

The Healing Designs
Kshititi elucidates, “We have successfully created an ecosystem to provide end-to-end services, right from concept to completion”. Being a fairly new player, Shree Designs has perfectly explored healthcare architecture opportunities and created new paradigms for effective communication and collaboration to ease the changing complexities in the healthcare world. Confident that architecture is not only design but a continuing process from ideation to implementation, the firm has carved a niche by employing nonpareil methodical approach in its operational framework that helps in freezing the design without multiple iterations. This accentuates client satisfaction, project savings and time bound project completion along with the creation of positive references, an expertise that has
augmented Shree Designs’ growth scale to 20 percent in sub segments. The firm has created prime designs for eleventy single and multi specialty healthcare facilities for areas like Orthopaedics, Gynaecology, Eye Care, Dental, Paediatrics and many more.

Innovative Field Solutions
Many a times clients struggle to find an appropriate location for the inception of a hospital. During such quandaries, Shree Designs offers two solutions Green field projects (involves increased flexibility of design which creates a seamless fit between client requirements and areas) and Brown field projects (ensures service continuity with minimum interruptions & facility up-gradation). With no compromise on excellence, the experts team clubs together individual experiences to develop graded offerings that succors clients in making the right choice on sustainability and budget. Innovative concepts are designed with high level of modularity to deliver quality and prompt solutions.

Shree Designs owns a prestigious clientele including Upasani Super Speciality Hospital, Ranka Hospital, Mitr Hospital,JK Woman Hospital and Shree Ramakrishna Netraylaya. The firm envisions expanding its offerings to cover gamut of sub segments within mid-sized and large footprints. “It gives us immense satisfaction to be a contributor in an Industry which is built around making people better and has such a high national importance. This is what keeps us going!!” signs off Kshititi.