SRSA Retail: A Complete Retail Solution Company

Rajeev Yadav,Director

Rajeev Yadav


With the upsurge of the Fashion Retail & FMCG Sector, the Indian market is witnessing a significant rise in the consultancy firms offering impeccable solutions for the growth of various merchandising organizations. Assisting the brands to sustain and flourish in the dynamic and competitive market, SRSA Retail stands distinguished as a new age retail consultancy company with over 20 years of experience in the Fashion and FMCG Sector.

A Complete Retail Solutions Company, SRSA Retail provides services to Brick & Mortar Stores as well as E-commerce entities by helping them in their Brand launch, Brand Building and Marketing/ Digital Marketing related services in India.

Leveraging the existing opportunities of current retail consulting Industries in India which is expected to witness further growth owing to its exposure to globalization and foreign investments, SRSA Retail is emerging as a market leader by offering 360-degree solutions to the brands looking to strengthen and expand their commercial activities.

Ensuring a Strong Foothold in the Market
SRSA Retail is a Consultancy Company Exclusively for the Fashion Retail & FMCG Sector, where companies can avail all services under one roof starting from Buying & Sourcing for International Brand, Market Study, Website Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, Print
Media Marketing, Legal Services and more. “With our adaptive nature, we adapt ourselves according to the needs of the market and clients. Our USP lies in being a One Stop Solution for all the inclusive needs of Brands/ Retail Companies through our three Verticals, Buying and Sourcing for International Brands, Consultancy for Brick & Mortar Stores & Ecommerce are our first two verticals and third vertical is Legal, where we provide legal advice to Brand Owners.

Companies can seamlessly avail all of these aforementioned services as per their requirement under one roof. Apart from the primary support to the Fashion Retail & FMCG startups with Market Research, Backend Solutions and Legal Advice, we also provide Digital support to ensure a strong foothold in the market as we understand the need of the hour is having an effective digital presence”, states Rajeev Yadav, Director, SRSA Retail Private Limited.

While planning the launch of any Brand, we give strong emphasis on the training of the customer service department and store staff

Importance of the Training
Understanding the importance of customer service department and sales staff, Rajeev Yadav on Indian Retail Market says, “We as an organization; think like a Customer, provide eminent follow-up services that are focused on the positive experience of the Consumer. While planning the launch of any Brand, we give strong emphasis on the training of the customer service department and store staff.

Initially, the Brand Owners were reluctant and used to question the time frame allocated for the training and our answer to them was that you might be confident about your brand but these two departments have the potential to either make or break a brand, because in the market they are the face of the Brand”.

Simultaneously working with international clients, SRSA Retail supports them with proper solutions after thorough market research. Rajeev concludes, “Our digital team is continuously working to find new ways to enhance the Customer’s Shopping Experience. We are under discussions with leading International Tech Companies regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence in enhancing the customer shopping experience and we are hopeful to ink the deal soon.

Our Company is on a road of decent growth, and with 25 percent increased revenue from previous financial year, we are sure to double the growth in coming years.”