TBC Consulting: Providing End-to-End Assistance through Personalization for Startups' Skyrocketing Upswing

Pawas Jain,Managing Partner
Pawas Jain, Managing Partner

Launching a startup is no less a gruelling endeavour. Offering right services with breakthrough strategies and innovation leads to the company’s meteoric growth. As a result, startup culture has acquired huge space in industrial arena. On the flip side, the challenge of tapping exact market gap and opportunity for fulfilling desired results impels entrepreneurs to go haywire from their original aim and try hands in different direction to be a jack of all trades. Hence, the need for end-to-end solutions under one roof becomes a necessity for sustenance, providing which is New Delhi-based TBC Consulting (TBCC) – a consulting pioneer offering stellar services for digital marketing, creative campaigns, content management, product development, business & investment consulting, and fund raising.

All For One, One For All
Ensconced in 2016 by Pawas Jain (Managing Partner), TBCC excels in succouring young startups, new age products, ideas and entrepreneurs along with corporates and existing companies through end-to-end business support, right from internal controls, process controls, marketing and brand building. The company manages its client’s long-term business prospects by supporting them in cracking
valuable partnerships, visibility and handholding throughout brand incubation process till fund raising. Driven by ace designers, creative heads, content creators, chartered accountants and finance experts, TBCC holds an extensive network across New Delhi, Jaipur and Bangalore, and provides unparalleled solutions for marketing and business facet of all industry verticals, inclusive of media, education, healthcare, tech startups, F&B and product-based industries.

"TBCC takes great pride in satisfying every client by being their business partners at every step and allocates time and resources in a productive manner through personalization and client-centric approach"

When asked about TBCC’s expertise in rendering customized consultation, Pawas asserts, “The core of any consulting activity, may it be marketing or fund raising, lies in research and market understanding. We consult startups on recognizing exact gap and opportunities, right ways of raising funds (or not raising any), revenue streams, synergies & partnerships and marketing, and customize our solutions according to their requisites”. Although clients expect quick turnaround time, TBCC takes great pride in satisfying every client by being their business partners at every step and allocates time and resources in a productive manner through personalization and client-centric approach, thus owing over 90 percent client retention rate.

WhereTechnology Meets Innovation
Stepping into a new ecosystem of technology & innovation from traditional businesses is undoubtedly a roller coaster ride.
Since numerous startups get attracted towards raising funds and diluting equity considering, it to be the new fad and a good PR move, TBCC takes a step ahead for understanding its client’s business and analyses if funding is required or not. Further, the company deploys industry relationships, robust network and recommendations for connecting startups with the investors. Elucidating on how traditional businesses’ rich acumen is a great learning for millennial entrepreneurs, Pawas states, “Traditional businesses understand the essence of profits better than anyone else and create a good competitive spirit in the ecosystem. Hence, first generation entrepreneurs need to understand the right time to raise funds or whether to even raise funds or not”.

Powerful Prospects for Sustainable Success
The creative spearhead behind UClean & Lightomated’s phenomenal digital presence, TBCC also recently acquired a content platform ‘TechSamvad’ (Allahabad-based news platform founded by Ashutosh Kumar Singh) to fulfill content gap in India and aims at bringing global technology news and updates in multiple languages, including Hindi, Kannada and Marathi, in Tier-II and III cities as well, hence steering widespread technological reach. Recording steady revenue growth of 20 percent monthly, TBCC envisages becoming stronger in consulting by providing better support and better results to clients, building a stronger team and creating more revolutionary, new-age content products in-house; few amongst which are pipelined for launch, pronto.