Unimarks Legal Solutions: Clients' Brand Ambassador with Excellent Legal Assistance Capabilities

Suresh Kumar,Founder
Suresh Kumar, Founder

With every passing year, promising entrepreneurs look to turn their vision into a business. These startups are often overflowing with great ideas and optimism, but don’t always have a roadmap for the legal facets like company filings, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), regulations and others, involved in commencing a business. To avoid the unforeseen legal pitfalls, today, startups are in a dire need for a trusted law partner who ensures that their new venture is legally sound. This is where Unimarks Legal Solutions – a dynamic and leading first generation law firm steps into the picture. Unimarks advises startups on multiple aspects, that include selecting the correct business vehicle like one person company, private limited company, LLP, or sole proprietorship, that’s best aligned with client’s business activities; ensuring to protect their unique name, logo, creative works by obtaining IPR, and obtaining company registration. It also assists them in the employment agreement.

Phenomenal Growth
Unimarks, which was founded in 2011 as an IPR consultant firm by Suresh Kumar – an old hand in the
law practice industry, with just one
person in a 200 sq. ft. office, has grown exponentially to 15 in-house professionals working in a 2400 sq. ft. office and a team of 25 members serving more than 3000 clients. Today, it outclasses as a one-stop-solution provider for startups offering end-to-end services. “We don’t offer services in an aggregator model as we have our own expertised in-house counsels for immediate solutions to our clients. IPR continues to be our flagship offering because most of our clients, including leading MNCs, TV channels and hotels, in spite of having their legal assistance vouch for our end-to-end IPR services,” says Suresh.

"To keep its clients posted with the latest status, the firm deploys an AI-based software that run in parallel with the automatically updated government sites"

Assistance at Every Business Stage
Unimarks offers a wide array of business services such as company incorporation, IPR registration, trademark registration, copyright registration, patent registration, and MSME registration, while each service is based on a process that begins with dedicated CRM. To keep its clients posted with the latest status, the firm deploys an AI-based software that run in parallel with the automatically updated government sites, wherein clients can log-in anytime into the portal and also download the requisite documents all throughout the process. In case of any issue, the firm directly connects its clients to
in-house experts and ensures that their issues are addressed in a quick span of time, thus delivering customer delight. This helps clients to vest their focus solely on growing their business empire. Unimarks also has a separate key account manager who stays focused on reminding clients about their upcoming works. Staff at Unimarks’ office sends automated emails and SMS to clients every month to update & remind them about the to-do list avoiding, fine and penalties.

Tie-ups with investors, labour lawyers and investment bankers, associations with mentors, and key personnel from diverse entrepreneurial forums such as TiE and Young Entrepreneurs School (YES) helps Unimarks to assist its clients better in any business requirement. Suresh himself interacts with varied entrepreneurs or CEOs of MNCs and discusses the upcoming challenges & opportunities in the Indian startup ecosystem. Unimarks even subscribes to various channels to keep its team and its clients in sync with the latest news, updates, and reports on changing scenario of the legal business entity. Moreover, the team also sends newsletters or personal messages to the clients about rules on new laws, economic practices, or any other changes in the act and helps them to be always one step ahead of the game. Such strategies have enabled the company to achieve a turnover growth of around 80-90 percent year-on-year. Serving from its offices in Chennai, Tirupur, and Bangalore, the firm is all set to expand its wings to Hyderabad.