Varda Ventures: Acing Expertise Offering 360 Degree Hospitality & F&B Solutions

Arungopal Menon,Managing Director & Chief Consultant

Arungopal Menon

Managing Director & Chief Consultant

The CBRE South Asia’s recent survey revealed spiraling growth in the country’s Food & Beverage (F&B) segment. Owing to population upsurge, globalization and the intensified coming of internet, the country’s hotel, resorts and restaurant sectors have been coerced into resorting to F&B consultants, who master hospitality restructuring, engineering al-a-carte/preset menus and revolutionizing infrastructural elements to satisfy today’s international customer requirements. Thusplanning for F&B is no longer mere consideration rather integral to the planning stages of retail developments.

Acing expertise in this very forte is Varda Ventures, a 2015 established company that provides unprecedented F&B consultancy services that are technically accurate and constantly result oriented, to hotels, restaurants, QSRs, and catering units. Directed towards enabling clients to expand and roll-out programs (within India or abroad) in-line with maintaining their standards of products and services provided, Varda solemnly lives up to being a ‘Result-oriented Business Intelligence.’ “Our forte is in pre inception market feasibility, helping the operator in designing their product suitably and placing their facility in the right location, meeting their business and commercial interests and managing budgets & timelines. We also help QSRs on market and clientele, quality management, franchise model development and franchising options, central purchase and production cost control systems, while providing food cost analysis
and menu engineering to catering units,” states Arungopal Menon, Managing Director & Chief Consultant, Varda Ventures.

Our approach on management or project services incorporates every aspect of related activity and design or term solutions to include all auxiliary elements so as to avoid any operational/ management issues

Following an ingenious approach, the company’s uniqueness revolves around offering 360-degree integrated services. Arungopal further states, “Our approach on management or project services incorporates every aspect of related activity and design or term solutions to include all auxiliary elements so as to avoid any operational/management issues. For instance, while supporting a kitchen design, we consider basic aspects like workflow, menu size and items and area, along with other integral aspects like customer profiles (time they may be willing to spend in the restaurant and how fast the production team can prepare their food governing the type of equipment to be used, and the volume of storage required for mise-en-place).” Such is the exhaustive portfolio of services offered by Varda.

Customized Services to Pillar Success
With over 20 years of hands-on experience with leading hotels, restaurants and tourism companies in Europe, Middle East and India, Varda provides tailor-made solutions to international business challenges. Arungopal avers, “Based in UAE and India, we use Ace Specialty Management Systems based on Swiss hospitality and tourism acumen to offer management consultancy in different areas of business ventures in GCC and Asian subcontinent, and we specialize in hospitality & tourism management.” In a quest to pillar the success of its clients, the company’s services are exclusively and specifically crafted to suit its diversified clientele, be it a hotel, restaurant or resort.

With its F&B department consisting of service, production and a management & control division, Varda ensures to customize each service akin to type of facility, location and cuisine style, with every solution based on further specifications viz., hygiene & safety (effective production, service & control practices) and consultancy offerings based on HACCP guidelines, local & regional laws & FCSI standards. The company is further recognized as a prestigious Senior Associate Member of the FCSI and truly lives up to its repute for benefitting clients with its multidimension offering that guarantees maximized ROIs. All of this resulting from its extensive experience in understanding balanced priorities of guests, quality services/facilities, employee satisfaction, revenue management, aggressive business development & sales efforts, Varda is an absolute one stop destination for all F&B solutions.