White Truffle Hospitality: Ensuring RoI in Your Food Anecdote

Saurabh Gurjar, DirectorKnown for its extreme uniqueness and rare existence, White Truffles are mushrooms found in the most isolated parts of the world. The distinctive features of these one-of-a-kind mushrooms form the basis of the fascinating story of White Truffle Hospitality(WTH). Saurabh Gurjar, the director and a chef himself, aligned the vision of spreading his expertise with his extreme sense of uniqueness under the name of his firm, WTH. “A lot of them belonged to the field,” he said, but rarely could he, himself as a novice, find any to handhold him through the new challenges of the industry.

White Truffle Hospitality was sure,not to just extend hands towards a corporate role, but an everlasting relationship of trust, loyalty, and worthiness. From choosing the best properties to staffing & training and building a plan of survival towards growth, WTH ensures to offer end-to-end consulting services under one roof. Saurabh knew he had to find solutions, but hardly did he know that he would introduce one himself. Soon, every hurdle turned into a stepping stone. As WTH began flourishing, it repetitively came across issues of finding the appropriate kitchen equipment and fabrication based jobs. That’s exactly how Dé Chef Mech LLP were introduced as the sister brands in the market.

Truffle Throwback
“Experiences speak for the enterprise! Beginning my journey as a chef, led me through all the ups and downs of this
profession. The needs and wants of a chef, or even an entrepreneur, were very well read off. Those experiences laid the foundation of WTH, while our core team’s dedication built the organization,” adjoins Saurabh.

From choosing the best properties to staffing & training and building a plan of survival towards growth, WTH ensures to offer end-to-end consulting services under one roof.

Saurabh worked across several cities and restaurants, discovering his inner self. His experiments only restricted to his dishes until someone asked him to consult a hospitality project. The hospitality industry eventually began to blossom. He wisely chose the opportunity and soon looked through the eyes of a real professional, beginning to host turnkey projects. WTH offered adjoining services like interior designing, staff planning, kitchen planning, management as well as marketing. He wanted to present to his clients, a full proof plan where they didn’t have to hunt for the right person for every individual task.

Reaching the Definite Destination
A few years back, a restaurant operator in Guwahati became aware of the existence of WTH. The restaurant was a franchisee of a well-known Chinese restaurant chain and the operator knew that he could do far better than owning a franchise with mediocre ROI. “Within a few days, we figured out the best plan that would provide him with a running business of his own. We helped him launch ‘Brooklyn Blues’, a restaurant with great interiors and amazing food, right opposite to the franchise property. It was an instant hit and since then the restaurant never looked back,” elucidates Saurabh.

He adds, “The services that we provide and the relationships we share with our clients are of extreme uniqueness”. WTH even provides its new clients with three to six months of staffing and training, until the new venture settles in its destination and adapts into the market’s requirements. Wondering why would a consulting organization go that extra mile?The answer lies in Saurabh’s passion and love for food.

The Game Changer
Today, WTH reaps the harvest of its dedication. Even without marketing activities, the company has a handful amount of happy and loyal customers. Even today, every new client on its list has been approached through the word of mouth. Moving forward to becoming the game-changer in the market, WTH leverages every opportunity that comes its way. The company is also all set to launch its new CRM application, which will further fasten and enhance customer engagement.