Young Retail: A Personal e-Commerce Consultant Offering Breakout Business Growth

Amod Anand,Founder

Amod Anand


Is your online store ‘just there’ or is it actively pulling in new customers and driving sales? Today, nearly every e-Commerce consultant manages to create a web-based business with modernistic tools, but ensuring that the site has the power to engage potential customers and convert them to buyers takes a deeper level of marketing & sales strategies and customer management knowledge. Faridabad-based Young Retail will make it happen for your business. The company renders end-to-end e-Commerce solution starting from website development to selling the products, setting up the call center, sending emails, warehouse management and sale consultation, making the overall online experience wonderful.

This e-Commerce venture deals in power backup, solar and consumer electronics industry and sells inverter, battery, stabilizer, solar and fans through enterprise(Luminous and Microtek) brand store. While most retailers deny the distribution of these products, Young Retail deploys hyper-local model for the fast delivery of aforementioned products containing battery, and distill water and became the trend setter in the country. “Our USP is hyper-local delivery and we have gone live base zero to PAN India,” avers Amod Anand, Founder, Young Retail.
Young Retail’s unique customer management starts with the development of the website and ends with product installation at customers’ site and post-sale service under warranty period. Once the platform is designed, customer is able see all the products along with their specification and transact for the same. The firm not only employs intelligent IVR structure and lead management system to track & record each customer profile and call, for quick and better understanding of their requirements. Its data-driven approach helps in determining the important metrics and actions required to convert customers. Young Retail’s dedicated sales team and integrated mix of internal marketing services and solutions attract, engage and convert fans and community to customers.

Young Retail’s unique customer management starts with the development of the website and ends with product installation at customers’ site and post-sale service under warranty period

In addition, the venture maintains persistent communication with the customers through WhatsApp, email and website interaction to make communication faster (considering client’s availability) and reduce the cases of escalation if any. All the sales related issues are directly forwarded to higher management who takes desired action, catering to client’s needs and solves their pain points. Before promising anything to the consumers, Young
Retail regulates things according to the policies to avoid false commitment for accomplishing the sales. It keeps strict note on product delivery time frame and end solutions, which not only results in 30 percent customer growth per month but also aids company to uplift a huge clientele base for its clients in short span of time.

Being Futuristic
This unique firm preserves three separate divisions: e-Commerce consulting (brand store), government business (manages clients’ complete government business portfolio), and Loomsolar.coom (India’s premium solar brand store). The mounting demand for solar products in the industry, its complexity and customer’s pain points in reaching to the buyers encouraged Young Retail to craft This platform has been designed according to consumer’s requirement allowing them to buy entire range of solar products online with free installation and self-explanatory videos talking about product benefits and necessity. Looking at the success and popularity of the platform, the company has launched a separate YouTube channel to directly interact with clients and understand their specific requirements.

Enrich with such unique features, Young Retail envisions to reach Rs.50 crore by 2018 and double the employees in the coming years. “We are in talks with various CEOs who are looking for e-Commerce consulting for their brand store; this may results in launch of multiple branches of Young Retail,” concludes Amod.