Vishva Associates

As per the KPMG report, the Indian construction market is predicted to become the world’s third largest by 2025, promising a greater infrastructural development. However, it also poses a herculean challenge of facilitating enormous but quality delivery in a shorter turnaround time interwoven with safety parameters possible by a decentralized project management system. Bringing to the table a unique concoction of novelty and 100 years of collective industrial experience of the management team is Navi Mumbai based Vishva Associates, charting its way through this unpredictable territory with its end-to-end expertise in Project Management Consultancy of greenfield as well as brownfield Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Food processing industries. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Vishva Associates adopts a holistic approach. From project initiation to planning, clients are supported in deciding the scope, organization, scheduling and designing controls of the project. These services are further aided by the additional services of tracing the project requirements, reviewing deliverables; scheduling the next stage processes and revising the project plans. “We are not only project management consultants but architects and engineers as well,” asserts Vishu Bhoosnurmath, CEO, Vishva Associates.

With a successful track record of overseas collaboration, the organization facilitates its clients with timely PMC services safely, without compromising on the quality. “We adhere to the clients’ rules and regulations and work accordingly to help them reap maximum benefits,” adds Vishu, a Graduate Engineer from BITS-Pilani. Interestingly, as a Third Party Reviewer or Third Party Inspection service provider, the company helps clients gain an advantage of the Vishva trust factor without engaging in a fullfledged offering. This offering acts as an extra arm to the entire consultation offering, vendor validation and pre-qualification of contractors, aiding in the procurement support, releasing orders and timely delivery of the equipment. Unlike the conventional way of closing a project, Vishva Associates provides Validation & Commissioning services aiding the possibility of a comprehensive report at the end of the project.
Vishu Bhoosnurmath,CEO

We adhere to the clients’ rules and regulations and work accordingly to help them reap maximum benefits

A Unique Propaganda

No stone is left unturned when it comes to the Vishva ethics of working. “We hire extra workforce and deal with the local matters for our clients,” informs Vishu. Today the company offers solicitation with respect to liaisons to Government sectors and producing the right documents to secure its clients with all the legal parameters, adhering to the country’s local judiciary.
Akin to its industrial contemporaries, Vishva Associates leverages technology to streamline the entire operations to a significant level. However, unlike many others, it is also working towards giving back to the environment through Vishva Protech, a green initiative by the Vishva Group. Through this, Vishva Group is combining the fast moving technology with the traditional knowledge of nature to revert the damage done on the environment so far.

Moreover, the workforce at Vishva Associates are trained to embrace the technical as well as the non-technical knowledge to sync their learning for a better personal as well as organizational growth. The core team is quick to adopt latest softwares to help serve clients better. A recipient of ‘Responsible Business’ Award for Industry Development in 2017,Vishva Associates is currently enjoying an yearly revenue growth of 50 percent and plans to offer new programs as a part of its service offering. “We are now looking at offering Integrated Project Solutions diversifying into construction management of oil & refineries, power plants and infrastructure projects,” concludes Vishu.